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Think of California and you think of brilliant color and bright sunlight. Think of a breed and it's all about bloodlines and brotherhood. Put the two together as California Breed and you have the most exciting new band of 2014.

Built around the foundation of legendary vocalist-bassist Glenn Hughes and drummer extraordinaire Jason Bonham, with the addition of the 23-year-old newcomer guitarist-singer Andrew Watt, what is on paper a three-piece, the sheer range of sounds and melodies you get are breathtaking.

That's the thing about breeds. They go all the way back, in order to bring forth something new. Be the first to hitch your horse to the California Breed wagon.

Life is good, and there is much music and journeys to take. I'm working on the NOW...

Glenn Hughes


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You should be pretty stoked to hear what Glenn Hughes and I are cookin' up. Time to lay it down...

Andrew Watt


Mixing massive riffs, gutsy vocals and gale force rhythms, this powerful three-piece band release their self-titled debut album in May 2014 on Frontiers Records. Meantime, enjoy the video(s) and Pre-Order your copies of our self-titled debut album today -- CD, Digital Download and Deluxe Edition CD + DVD.


California Breed

  California Breed

Pre-Order N O W !

NEW POWERHOUSE TRIO -- featuring legendary Vocalist-Bassist GLENN HUGHES, Drummer extraordinaire JASON BONHAM and 23-Year-Old newcomer Guitarist-Singer-Songwriter ANDREW WATT.

Set to release their first self-titled debut album on May 16th, 2014 in Europe, May 19th, 2014 in UK & May 20th in USA; April 30th, 2014 in Japan via WARD RECORDS. Available as a CD, Digital Download and DELUXE EDITION CD + DVD * -- on FRONTIERS RECORDS.

* DELUXE EDITION CD + DVD includes the bonus song, 'Solo', and 2 video clips, plus documentary.

If Digital Download is pre-ordered, an Instant Download of the first two singles, 'Sweet Tea' and 'Midnight Oil', will immediately be made available.

Release date: 2014-04-30 (Japan)
Label: Ward Records

Release date: 2014-05-16 (Europe) - 2014-05-19 (UK)
2014-05-20 (USA)
Label: Frontiers Records

Album songs 12 songs + 2 Bonus tracks

  • 1
    The Way

    Hughes/Watt/Bonham :: duration :: 3:54

  • 2
    Sweet Tea

    Hughes/Watt/Bonham :: duration :: 3:52

  • 3
    Chemical Rain

    Hughes/Watt/Bonham :: duration :: 4:38

  • 4
    Midnight Oil

    Hughes/Watt/Bonham :: duration :: 4:45

  • 5
    All Falls Down

    Hughes/Watt/Bonham :: duration :: 5:07

  • 6
    The Grey

    Hughes/Watt/Bonham :: duration :: 3:55

  • 7
    Days They Come

    Hughes/Watt/Bonham :: duration :: 4:17

  • 8
    Spit You Out

    Hughes/Watt/Bonham :: duration :: 3:38

  • 9

    Hughes/Watt/Bonham :: duration :: 4:26

  • 10

    Hughes/Watt/Bonham :: duration :: 4:44

  • 11

    Hughes/Watt/Bonham :: duration :: 4:10

  • 12

    Hughes/Watt/Bonham :: duration :: 4:17

  • 13

    Hughes/Watt/Bonham :: duration :: 4:48 :: Bonus Track :: Deluxe Edition CD + DVD only.

  • 14
    Breathe (Acoustic)

    Hughes/Watt/Bonham :: duration :: 4:17 :: Bonus Track :: Japan only.


Some folk are saying rock is dead. Well, nobody told these guys. There's a new kid in town.

Classic Rock Magazine

Everything about the album sounds as though the three are playing as one and this is something that really can only be found in a trio; there isn’t any place to hide but also no flab so the results are equally reliant on all three members.

Jason Bonham and Glenn Hughes return with guitarist Andrew Watt. The results are surprisingly explosive. This is the best thing Bonzo Jr or Hughes have done in years.

Record Collector Magazine

This self-titled album needed to stand proud on its own and to show Hughes, Bonham and Watt unleashed. We have a collection of 12 tracks which hint at what is to come whilst simultaneously slapping our ears about with what they have done right now.

Rockulus Maximus!

The stunning thing about California Breed is that they manage not only to create an incomparable Hard Rock album, but that they manage to make it sound so absolutely essential.

The Rock Pit

Glenn Hughes and Jason Bonham have done some of their best work yet, and the avenue of guitar heroes has a new kid on the block in Andrew Watt. This is a fresh, new beast that will surprise a great many listeners.

Rock Guitar Daily with Tony Conley

I'm in the Studio writing with Andrew Watt for a project we are doing together with Mr Hughes!!

Jason Bonham


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California Breed is exactly where I live, breathe and where my freak flag flies.

Glenn Hughes


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