Rats are the second rodents after mice that settle in our basements, garages or attics. If they find the right opportunity, they will gladly enter the apartment. If we are faced with this problem, we should immediately take appropriate action to protect us from the invasion of these animals. How to get rid of rats?

Symptoms of rat presence

How do you know that an unwanted guest has settled in our household? If we notice food leftovers, disturbed stocks of our food, bitten wires, cables, damage to wooden elements or droppings, we can assume that the culprit is a rat. It can often happen that we face the new tenant face to face. Then we are sure that it is necessary to take appropriate action. Why?

Rats are large – from 20 to 30 cm plus tail – and breed very quickly. If we allow it, in a short time the population of these animals in our household will increase to several dozen individuals. Secondly, the rat will not leave the place where it is well and has food. The source of food for him can be not only our pantry, but also the waste that we throw into buckets, the yard, etc.

Rats are carriers of parasites and diseases, and that is why we should deal with their disposal as soon as possible. It is worth starting our activities as soon as possible – it will be easier for us to fight one rodent or two than the whole herd, the more that they are intelligent animals and quickly learn how to avoid snares set for them. Here are the steps we can take to get rid of the rat from our home.

How to get rid of rats?

How to effectively exterminate a rat from home?

Purging – an effective way for professional deratisation in our homes. There are many deratization devices in which we can catch an uninvited rodent:

  • Rat catchers
  • Rat traps. A special idea for catching a rat are also special traps for live rodents. Rats can be caught in such traps without harming them, and released after being caught
  • I go for rats. Special, strong sticky for rats made so that the rodent does not get out of the trap. Lepes have very strong glue and a lure in the set – some of them have to be bought separately.
  • Rodent scarers. Rodent repellents are usually small devices that act as a deterrent to mice and rats. Warning! for deterrence to be effective, read the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines.
  • Rat poison (most often taken as a paste)


Often, even the use of the best deratization stations and recommended poisons in the fight against such intelligent rodents as rats do not give the desired effect without the right strategy. As in any war – you must first meet the enemy. Then recognize where he is stationed and learn his habits. This helps create an effective rodent control strategy. I hope that this synthesis of deratization practices will allow you to effectively get rid of the rat from home, basement, garage or any other place where the problem with rats occurred.



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