The bags under the eyes appear for various reasons, even seemingly as trivial as a sleepless night. Eye bags are a problem for many. How many – nobody counted. But careful estimates from dermatologists show that even one in four struggles with bags under the eyes. How to get rid of eye bags?

Eye bags: causes

Lower eyelid swelling is the result of lymph stasis in the subcutaneous tissues. The reasons are different – the tendency to this ailment can be inherited from parents, it also often occurs with age when the eye muscle circular tone decreases, which also weakens the tissues around it.

Bags under the eyes can also earn a way of life – with high probability will appear in people who regularly spend the night, do not care about diet, abuse cigarettes and alcohol.

Increasingly, they also occur in those who lead a sedentary lifestyle – when the lymph circulates more slowly, metabolic products are not discharged into the lymph vessels, but accumulate in the subcutaneous tissue.

Bruises and swollen eyes – how to counteract them?

I always have a holistic approach to health and beauty.

When a patient comes to me who wants to get rid of bags and bruises under the eyes, I comprehensively look at her health and lifestyle.

It happens that the patient needs more sleep and rest, and changes in eating habits instead of treatments or medicines.

This trinity helps to improve not only the skin but also the mind.

How to get rid of eye bags?

Moderate physical activity, drinking large amounts of water and a diet containing a minimum amount of salt, simple sugars and processed foods are the first step to improving the physical condition of the whole body, not just the skin.

When I arrange a treatment plan with my patients, I emphasize the importance of daily care.

I sensitize that, regardless of the circumstances, they always do make-up removal, and clean the eye area with ophthalmologically tested preparations that are delicate but effective – they do not require rubbing and irritating the delicate skin of the eyelids.

Natural ways

Chilled teaspoons

They work on a similar principle as a cool compress – after cooling the steel spoons in the fridge, we put them in front of the eyes with the bent side down and lie like this for about 10 minutes.

Tea bags

We heat them in lukewarm (not hot) water for a few minutes, and then apply to the swelling – the caffeine contained in the tea narrows the vessels and reduces swelling. With such a compress on your eyes it is worth lying down even for half an hour.

Wraps with potato slices

Potatoes contain large amounts of potassium, which reduces swelling, as well as starch, which alleviates any inflammation. Potatoes need to be peeled, washed, cut into two slices about half a centimeter thick each, and put on the lower eyelid for 5-10 minutes.

Be like Kate Moss – ice cube massage

The first step, if I have more time to save my swollen face and eyes, is ice cube massage. First, I clean the face by washing it in lukewarm water, rinse my eyes with cold water, dry it lightly with a towel and start a few minutes massage with ice cubes, which I previously put into a bowl with a little cold water. A gentle massage with circular movements will stimulate circulation and reduce swelling of the eyelids.



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