Unrequited love – you can find many examples in literature or film. And in everyday life? I boldly propose that most people have the experience of loving without reciprocity. Already in kindergarten, the first infatuations appear when several girls sigh to one boy and vice versa. A time of intense emotions and equally intense love. How to get over a crush?

What is love without reciprocity?

It is such a state when you love another man and he does not reciprocate this feeling because, for example, he only likes you. They have been friends for many years, and at one point he falls in love with her. She confides in him about her troubles, he helps her at all times and counts on reciprocating this feeling over time. And when he decides to tell about his love for her, she ends her relationship.

Love without reciprocity is one of the most painful experiences. There is sadness, anger, anger, regret and even a desire to retaliate.

Why am I falling in love again and again?

Falling in love without reciprocity can be a one-time, but also multiple, experience. When you fall in love, it’s always in people who don’t reciprocate this feeling. Or someone you fall in love with whom you don’t like. If this happens, it is worth taking a deeper look. Why is this happening?

Perhaps you choose such partners who are not able to meet your expectations, which may mean that you have unrealistic requirements, e.g. he has a wife but does not want to leave her.

How to get over a crush?

Perhaps you choose partners who are somehow destructive to you, e.g. he / she is addicted; uses physical and / or emotional violence; is emotionally disturbed.

Perhaps you choose partners who do not reciprocate your feelings and thus confirm what you think about yourself, e.g. “you can’t love me”, “something is wrong with me”.

Can unrequited love ever be reciprocated?

I would like to tell you that unrequited love may one day change and become reciprocated, but the truth is that this happens rarely and one should not have too much hope for it, and certainly it is not something that happens suddenly like a miracle.

By continuing to do the same things you have done so far, you will also continue to receive the same results as before, so you will not be loved by the one you love, and each time you will experience another heartbreak.

If you want to really change your life, start achieving better results and create a happy relationship with someone in which your feelings will eventually be reciprocated, the only chance for you is a complete change of strategy!

How to heal a broken heart? Just forget it!

If you really want to forget someone, stop thinking about him. Chase away every thought that your brain gives you. It’s not easy, but it will get into your habit over time. New technologies don’t make the healing process easier – the temptation to look at your ex-partner’s Facebook is huge. Therefore, change the application settings – do not let information from his / her life penetrate into yours. Recognize that this stage is closed. You will gain time, you will be more present here and now.

A broken heart heals slowly. The former says it will be okay. Fighting with your own mind may not be the easiest, but you can win it. Time does not heal wounds, but it is our ally. And discipline means that you will need less for treatment.



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