Foundation is the basis for successful makeup. Well selected and properly applied, it unifies the skin and hides imperfections. There are various methods for applying foundation on your face. How to apply foundation?

Skin preparation

Wash your face thoroughly before applying foundation. It is good to peel so that the surface is as smooth as possible. Then apply a moisturizer. This treatment will allow you to get the right slip for the foundation, and thus facilitate precise application.

The foundation applied to dry, rough skin will further emphasize its dryness. It may be unevenly distributed and in dry places, where the skin is more calloused, unsightly patches of darker color than on the rest of the skin may appear.

On the other hand, owners of oily, seborrheic skin should cleanse their face with a gel suitable for the face, which will wash it in warm water, as well as a cosmetic tonic. It is not necessary to use a moisturizing cream for oily skin.

What to apply foundation on the face?

The foundation is applied in different ways. For its application, we can use sponges, fingertips or flat, medium-thick make-up brushes with natural bristles.

Sponges can be applied both dry and wet. As a rule, with a slightly damp sponge, we apply a foundation with a stick, or when we want to achieve a delicate, transparent effect. The foundation in the form of fluid is more often applied with a dry sponge, but also in this case, of course, you can slightly wet it to get a transparent, delicate coverage.

How to apply foundation?

The covering power also determines how we manipulate the sponge when applying the foundation. If the sponge’s movements are sliding, we’ll get a transparent effect. However, when we will sponge the sponge lightly pat into the skin, pressing it millimeter at the millimeter – the result will be more opaque.

You can also use your fingers to apply the dump – their warmth will make the cosmetic spread well over the face.

Foundation shade – which one should you choose?

We choose the color of the foundation to match the color of our face. When buying a foundation, we do not check the color of the foundation on the skin of the hands or wrists, because here the skin has a different color than that on the face.

So rub a little foundation directly on the face. The color of the foundation should be exactly the same as the color of your face or a lighter tone – never darker, because after a few hours the foundation darkens slightly.

Choose the type of foundation depending on the occasion – reach for light every day, for more durable and covering in the evening.


The best way to apply foundation is with a sponge. However, do not treat this verdict as the only right truth. When doing makeup, your personal comfort and personal preferences are the most important. If you haven’t used a brush or sponge so far – it’s definitely worth trying them out, because the new technique of applying foundation can greatly affect your appearance.


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