How Credit Cards Make You Spend More Money

Most people use credit cards to pay for their purchases. While you may think this is a good thing, in fact it bad because it makes you spend more. This article shows you why credit cards are bad and how they influence your purchasing behavior. If you don’t believe it, you can monitor your expenses to see it for yourself. Try to use only cash for one month and compare it with one of the months when you’ve used your credit cards for the most part of your time. You’ll see the difference right away, we promise you that!

When you use your credit card to pay for your purchases, you don’t have the feeling that you spend a lot of money. Having a pile of cash in your pocket and using it to pay feels totally different. The simple sight of all that money makes you think twice before spending it on things that you may not really need. Psychologists have undergone in-depth research that leads to this conclusion. Most subjects of these studies have shown different shopping behaviors when using different methods to pay for their purchases. Apparently, credit cards are the worst, because they seem to make us spend a lot more than we can afford. Sometimes, people don’t even realize how much they are overspending because of this habit of our modern society.

Fighting our human nature is a hard thing to do, so we need various strategies to fool our brains into helping us become better in our lives. Paying with cash is one of these strategies. Using mainly cash has other benefits, as we are going to see in a moment.

Some people feel good when they pay with credit cards, because they are happy to spend money they don’t actually have. When you use your credit card, you spend money that belongs to the bank. If you can pay it back before it starts bearing an interest, you’ll be just fine. At least, this is the kind of reasoning of most people. However, this logic is flawed. Indeed, you don’t spend your own money, so you can make some purchases before your next paycheck, without having to pay any interest. Nonetheless, this fact may put you in a crazy shopping mood that will make you buy more than you can actually afford. Overspending is very easy when you don’t use your own cash to pay for stuff. Even though you may have the firm intention to repay everything in due time, real life situations prove that most people fail at it. Once you’ve failed to do it, the next month you’re going to be in a bigger trouble, as you’ll keep on spending money you don’t have. By the end of one year of doing this, chances are you’re never going to settle your credit card balance, so you’ll keep paying interest with each and every month that passes.

When you pay with cash, there’s no way you can spend money you don’t have. Like this, you’ll have to limit your purchases to fit within your monthly budget. It may seem like a hard thing to do, but all you need is to form a habit of postponing various non-urgent expenses until you can actually afford them. This habit may even enable you to start saving money, in order to create an emergency fund. By using this fund instead of your credit card, you’ll see your financial situation improving. Although you may think that a credit card is the best emergency backup, you should be aware of the fact that an unexpected expense may easily shatter your family finances. It’s easy to take that piece of plastic out of your wallet and sort out your emergency. However, it isn’t as easy to put that money back. In fact, most people never manage to restore the balance, thus ending up in even bigger debt than before. Besides, using credit cards chaotically may affect your credit score. This is going to be come a very big problem, should you ever need to apply for a bank loan.

All these being said, you should change your habit of using credit cards. Even if you won’t be able to make the full switch right away, you’ll see an improvement of your financial situation. Take baby steps, but be consistent. The day will come when you’ll be thankful for the results.


Do Girls Or Boys Need To Sleep Longer At Night?

There are many people that have children that wonder about their sleeping habits. They may be involved with many sports, taking extra classes, or they may play video games on an ongoing basis. The reason they are concerned about their sleeping is that they are not getting enough, but how much often the optimal question. In particular, when boys and girls are younger, you may wonder which one actually needs to have more sleep. Here is an overview of what has been discovered about the sleeping habits of children, and whether boys or girls need to get more sleep than the other.

Do Younger People Need More Sleep Than Adults?

The first thing to address is whether or not kids, up to the age of 18, need to have more sleep than adults. The answer to this question is somewhat complex. For example, children that are younger, up to the age of five, need to have at least 10 hours of sleep at night. These children will also take naps during the day, which can add even more to their total sleeping time. This is because there bodies are developing. It is not until they reach the age of 12 or 13 where they will again need to sleep more than 10 hours because they are developing from children into adults. From there, the amount of time that a teenager sleeps, all the way to those at the age of retirement, should get a minimum of eight hours of sleep at night. However, older people tend to need just as much sleep as kids that are five years of age or younger.

Do Girls Or Boys Need More Sleep?

Statistically, girls need more sleep than boys because girls use their brains more according to studies that looked at each gender. Going further, girls that were five years of age or younger, and girls that were going through puberty, tended to need the most sleep because of biological changes. Therefore, when comparing both girls and boys, regardless of their age, girls always needed to get more sleep. However, the study also showed that girls tended to sleep less than boys, and this could cause problems for them both physically and emotionally.

Is There Ever A Time That Boys Need To Sleep More Than Girls?

When boys are in high school, and they are participating in varsity sports, they will often need more sleep than boys that do not play sports at all. Likewise, if they are also interacting socially, perhaps playing video games which keep them up at night, all the while focusing their mind on competing on these games, they tend to need just as much sleep as girls. Of course, it will depend upon the physical characteristics of the boy, and their genetics, in regard to how much sleep they will actually need. Overall, girls will still need more sleep statistically them boys even if they are less active.

If you do have boys and girls in your family, this may help you understand why they are sleeping so much. There are some parents that may actually believe that their children are lazy, yet they are simply compensating for the age they are at and the amount of sleep that is necessary. Once you understand these simple statistics, it will be clear that your children are sleeping just as much as they should per the age they are at. By understanding their activities, and biological changes they are going through, you can easily see why girls need more sleep than boys in most cases.


Why Some Companies Hate To Offer Discounts

Most of the companies that market products are able to offer discounts. They like to do so because they know this is a primary form of marketing. If you are trying to attract new customers, there is no better way than to offer promotional codes and coupons that will force people to come to your store in order to save money. They may have been looking for the exact item that you are offering at far less than everyone else. However, there are some companies that absolutely hate to offer discounts on the items that they sell. Let’s go over the reasons why they may not want to present any type of discount at all.

What Is The Main Reason For Offering Discounts

Some people believe that companies offer discounts for the sole purpose of bringing in customers. The lower prices do attract potential clients, and it has been that way for decades or centuries. If you go anywhere in the world, discount prices will attract buyers, but this is not the main reason that discounts are offered. There is an underlying psychological strategy going on, far surpassing the need to save money, or the desire to not miss out when the special is gone. The main reason is to build notoriety, build your brand, and become more recognized. In our digital age, this is even more important because of how easy it is to share information with friends and family through social media and through text messaging on smart phones.

Why Some Companies Hate To Offer Discounts

There are several reasons why companies absolutely hate to offer discounts. First of all, they will have high-end products that they value personally, believing that they are absolutely worth the price they are charging. Second, they may be the only ones offering the product, and they see no reason to offer a discount because customers could not get it anywhere else. Finally, companies that despise offering discount find this to be a marketing strategy that is disingenuous. They realize that others do this for the sole purpose of attracting people to their store in order to potentially purchase more of the items they have for sale. These companies prefer to market the quality of their products, and the uniqueness of what they have to offer, thus finding this more genuine than allowing people to save a few dollars just to get them to come in.

How Do These Companies Successfully Market Their Products Than?

Going back to the concept of branding, it is clear that this is their primary focus when they are trying to attract new clients. They may be using cutting edge technology, something that has just come out. They already understand that there is a high demand for their particular type of product, and when there’s is brand-new, there is absolutely no reason to discounted. In fact, some of them will offer these products at the highest price possible because they know that sooner or later other businesses will offer them for less.

This basic overview of why some companies hate to offer discounts should make sense. From the perspective of a business that is simply trying to sell as many products as possible, offering promotional offers and coupons is certainly the best strategy to use. However, if you own a business where you are offering cutting edge technology, products that people have been wanting to purchase for months, you don’t want to lose money by offering your products at a discount price. You already know that they are going to sell, and the way that you will promote them is to simply state that you are the only one offering them publicly.


How Do You Find Great Furniture Deals Online?

Once you decide to buy furniture for your home, it is time to look for great furniture deals online. It is easy to find cheap stylish and durable furniture online. If you love redecorating your house every few years, it might make more sense to look for great furniture deals online. Do not spend your money on high-end and expensive furniture. It is easy to furnish your home with quality inexpensive furniture.

How do you find great furniture deals online? Continue reading to learn more.

Choose a Reputable Furniture Website

Not all furniture websites are reputable and reliable. Do proper research when looking for a reputable furniture website. Buy your furniture from popular and secure websites. Why? They sell quality furniture. They have the best deals. And they protect your financial information.

How do you pick a reputable furniture website? The best furniture websites get good reviews. They have clear return policies. Avoid furniture websites do not allow returns at all because you may end up losing your hard earned money. If their return policy is complicated, do not use that website.

Shipping Costs

Most online stores list their shipping policy on their About and FAQ pages. Read the store’s shipping policies before buying their furniture. Online stores offer different shipping and handling rates. And they use different shipping companies.

However, some of these online stores increase their shipping cost and others charge handling fee. Why? Because they sell their furniture at lower prices, so they want to recover the cost. If you are looking for the best furniture deals online, review the shipping and handling fees of these online stores first.

Compare Prices

Most online stores do not sell one type of furniture. It is easy to find the same furniture in different online stores. Compare the prices of several online stores before buying the furniture. Comparing their prices can help you find the best deals.

Do not just compare the cost of their furniture. Compare their tax charges, shipping costs, charges for return shipping or re-stocking. Do this for all the furniture you want to buy. And buy the furniture from an online store that has the best overall deal. Comparing their prices take time, so be patient and careful.

Look for Sales

Online stores offer sales, especially during holidays. You may have decided on a piece of furniture. However, you are not comfortable with the price. Do not rush to buy it. Why? The store may put the furniture on sale, or on clearance after a few days. If you are patient, you will get the right price.

There are online stores that give out coupons because they want to increase their traffic. Use these coupons because they can help you get a huge discount on your purchases. How do you find these coupons? Visit the furniture website. Sign up for their mailing list. Most of these online stores send coupons to their new subscribers. They also send these coupons periodically. And they send links to their sales and their clearance sales.

You now know how to find great furniture deals online.


Signs When Should My Kids Upgrade Their Beds

Kids these days grow up so fast and before you know it, you will need to upgrade their sleeping quarters. The kid’s physical development is what makes most parents do the upgrade. There is no right time or age to do the switch since the process is different for every kid. You should never underestimate the attachment kids can have towards their original bed and that is why the process of transitioning beds should be approached with a lot of finesse. You should consider how they feel about the change which will help them adjust to the new situation easily. So, when should my kids upgrade their beds?

Kids Don’t Need Any Supervision

The main reason why you childproof and barricade your kid’s bedroom is simply to keep them safe. Nothing keeps a parent’s mind at ease like knowing the whereabouts of their kids at all times and what they are doing. If your kids can remain unsupervised with their devices with no incidences occurring, then it is time for an upgrade. It is actually the dream of every parent to have their kids grow up fast and become independent. Having an upgraded bed is the first milestone to achieving this endeavor.

Asks For a Bed of Their Own

Most closely aged siblings share a bed depending on the family’s circumstances. It is not surprising to see sibling rivalry brew with each kid wanting space of their own as they grow. When they ask for their own beds verbally, it is a clear sign that they are well underway to becoming ‘big boys’ and you should really entertain the idea. Also, it shows that they understand the concept of boundaries and space which is crucial to their grown-up life.

New Arrival on the Way

The impending arrival of a new sibling can necessitate an upgrade. You don’t want the older one to feel left out which is why you need to ease them into it by making the change eight weeks before the due date. The newborn does not necessarily have to sleep there immediately after arriving from the hospital. You can give it a couple of months as the older one adjusts to the new bed situation and the new sibling.

Can Climb Out of the Cot

If the kids can climb out of the crib on their own, then safety becomes a major concern. In this case, you should upgrade the beds to prevent them from hurting themselves in this escape maneuver. You can consult a pediatrician for reassurance on how best to handle this situation.

Toilet Training

Pressures of growing up like preschool and toilet training compounded by switching beds can be overwhelming especially for a firstborn which can make them feel the urge to resist such huge changes. Every kid reacts uniquely to this sort of change which is why you should make the transition go smoothly. Also, to avoid embarrassing moments while in school they will need to learn to listen and react to body functionality signals. Having an upgraded bed will allow them to get to the bathroom within time.

You should learn to read these signs early and talk it out with your kids to make sure they are okay and ready for the upgrade. Make them feel involved in the decision making by letting them choose kid-friendly pillowcases, sheets and bed covers. The best thing you can do as a parent is to make the transition as positive as you can. To deter them from reverting to the old bed, shower them with praise ascertaining how the upgraded bed is even better. Depending on how you handle the entire process, your kids can actually relish the change of status.


Do Men Or Women Need To Sleep More?

In a separate study that specifically looked at adult men and women, it was determined that women need to sleep more than men. Part of the reasoning was that women tended to use their brains more than men on average, and this extra brainwork required them to have more sleep. Even though men may be involved in very difficult jobs that required an extreme amount of physical effort, it was brain usage which determine how much sleep was necessary. Going back to the original question, do girls or boys need more sleep, we can now come to a conclusion.


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