There are many people that have children that wonder about their sleeping habits. They may be involved with many sports, taking extra classes, or they may play video games on an ongoing basis. The reason they are concerned about their sleeping is that they are not getting enough, but how much often the optimal question. In particular, when boys and girls are younger, you may wonder which one actually needs to have more sleep. Here is an overview of what has been discovered about the sleeping habits of children, and whether boys or girls need to get more sleep than the other.

Do Younger People Need More Sleep Than Adults?

The first thing to address is whether or not kids, up to the age of 18, need to have more sleep than adults. The answer to this question is somewhat complex. For example, children that are younger, up to the age of five, need to have at least 10 hours of sleep at night. These children will also take naps during the day, which can add even more to their total sleeping time. This is because there bodies are developing. It is not until they reach the age of 12 or 13 where they will again need to sleep more than 10 hours because they are developing from children into adults. From there, the amount of time that a teenager sleeps, all the way to those at the age of retirement, should get a minimum of eight hours of sleep at night. However, older people tend to need just as much sleep as kids that are five years of age or younger.

Do Girls Or Boys Need More Sleep?

Statistically, girls need more sleep than boys because girls use their brains more according to studies that looked at each gender. Going further, girls that were five years of age or younger, and girls that were going through puberty, tended to need the most sleep because of biological changes. Therefore, when comparing both girls and boys, regardless of their age, girls always needed to get more sleep. However, the study also showed that girls tended to sleep less than boys, and this could cause problems for them both physically and emotionally.

Is There Ever A Time That Boys Need To Sleep More Than Girls?

When boys are in high school, and they are participating in varsity sports, they will often need more sleep than boys that do not play sports at all. Likewise, if they are also interacting socially, perhaps playing video games which keep them up at night, all the while focusing their mind on competing on these games, they tend to need just as much sleep as girls. Of course, it will depend upon the physical characteristics of the boy, and their genetics, in regard to how much sleep they will actually need. Overall, girls will still need more sleep statistically them boys even if they are less active.

If you do have boys and girls in your family, this may help you understand why they are sleeping so much. There are some parents that may actually believe that their children are lazy, yet they are simply compensating for the age they are at and the amount of sleep that is necessary. Once you understand these simple statistics, it will be clear that your children are sleeping just as much as they should per the age they are at. By understanding their activities, and biological changes they are going through, you can easily see why girls need more sleep than boys in most cases.

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