Kids these days grow up so fast and before you know it, you will need to upgrade their sleeping quarters. The kid’s physical development is what makes most parents do the upgrade. There is no right time or age to do the switch since the process is different for every kid. You should never underestimate the attachment kids can have towards their original bed and that is why the process of transitioning beds should be approached with a lot of finesse. You should consider how they feel about the change which will help them adjust to the new situation easily. So, when should my kids upgrade their beds?

Kids Don’t Need Any Supervision

The main reason why you childproof and barricade your kid’s bedroom is simply to keep them safe. Nothing keeps a parent’s mind at ease like knowing the whereabouts of their kids at all times and what they are doing. If your kids can remain unsupervised with their devices with no incidences occurring, then it is time for an upgrade. It is actually the dream of every parent to have their kids grow up fast and become independent. Having an upgraded bed is the first milestone to achieving this endeavor.

Asks For a Bed of Their Own

Most closely aged siblings share a bed depending on the family’s circumstances. It is not surprising to see sibling rivalry brew with each kid wanting space of their own as they grow. When they ask for their own beds verbally, it is a clear sign that they are well underway to becoming ‘big boys’ and you should really entertain the idea. Also, it shows that they understand the concept of boundaries and space which is crucial to their grown-up life.

New Arrival on the Way

The impending arrival of a new sibling can necessitate an upgrade. You don’t want the older one to feel left out which is why you need to ease them into it by making the change eight weeks before the due date. The newborn does not necessarily have to sleep there immediately after arriving from the hospital. You can give it a couple of months as the older one adjusts to the new bed situation and the new sibling.

Can Climb Out of the Cot

If the kids can climb out of the crib on their own, then safety becomes a major concern. In this case, you should upgrade the beds to prevent them from hurting themselves in this escape maneuver. You can consult a pediatrician for reassurance on how best to handle this situation.

Toilet Training

Pressures of growing up like preschool and toilet training compounded by switching beds can be overwhelming especially for a firstborn which can make them feel the urge to resist such huge changes. Every kid reacts uniquely to this sort of change which is why you should make the transition go smoothly. Also, to avoid embarrassing moments while in school they will need to learn to listen and react to body functionality signals. Having an upgraded bed will allow them to get to the bathroom within time.

You should learn to read these signs early and talk it out with your kids to make sure they are okay and ready for the upgrade. Make them feel involved in the decision making by letting them choose kid-friendly pillowcases, sheets and bed covers. The best thing you can do as a parent is to make the transition as positive as you can. To deter them from reverting to the old bed, shower them with praise ascertaining how the upgraded bed is even better. Depending on how you handle the entire process, your kids can actually relish the change of status.

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